Saturday, September 26, 2009

Improving Eco-Awareness

Roz Savage, an eco-blogger I follow, recently posed a question asking whether or not those following her blog perceive that more people are becoming aware of and care about impacts on the environment, specifically, climate change.

Here is what I wrote in response:

I choose optimism -- to believe more are becoming aware, adopting more sustaining behaviors, with positive changes being made each day.

Thought just came to me, and I already acted on it... sent this via a website to an association of food retailers/wholesalers:

"Would like to see you encourage your retailer-membership to track and post a cumulative number representing a count of each time a customer shops/purchases goods but refuses a disposable plastic carryout bag. This could even be set up as some sort of contest [among retailer sites]. Hope you are interested!

Would love to see this sort of pro-activity obviate the need for legislative action in terms of a bag ban!

Just a consumer concerned about the health of our environment, especially the world's oceans..."

Roz, in my mind, this goes beyond the typical bag refund or consumer contest, putting up a very prominent display -- a take-off on the "number of customers served" type of display! Believe that could quickly grow to a very impressive number!

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