Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 10 reasons I do NOT use a gas-powered leaf blower (or any blower for that matter)

10) They burn non-renewable fossil fuel
9) They are noisy
8) They get EVERYTHING dirty
Neighbor's gardener used to blow leaves and dirt well beyond property line (never mind how dirty my windows got before he was fired):

7) They do not provide exercise benefits (as do raking and sweeping)
6) They are unhealthful to the operator
5) They blow away all the benefits of mulch and topsoil in the garden
View through a cloud of dust of a guy blowing leaves off lawn and sidewalk:

On close inspection, this does not seem to be helping the lawn:

4) They are unhealthful to plants (by covering plants in a layer of dust and by transferring to plants soil-borne pathogens)
3) They make neighbors angry
2) They make me crazy
1) Being told "[because you don't] you have the prettiest [garden] on the block"… ahhh

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