Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wildlife and edible gardening...

Just this morning, Google searched name of a shrub or small tree indigenous to southern Africa, Grewia occidentalis. There it is commonly called Cross-berry, here, Lavender Star Flower. Ran across a related blog post from Ross, a designer in Durban.

Then, wandering through Ross's posts of the past few weeks, I ran across this post, which gives a whole new meaning to "wildlife friendly gardening"! Sharing my garden quite unintentionally with occasional coyote -- attracted to small, four legged creatures -- attracted to various crops and/or other visiting critter. Thinking to do more to attract "wildlife." However, thankful I don't have to worry about how to or how not to attract black mambas!

In early morning, when out in my garden, this is as wild as it gets:

And, no, I don't live in a cage, but maybe I should!

In the narrow side yard, atop my block wall, between neighbors' wood fence and my garden gate , there is a passthrough just big enough for a 'possum and her family to quietly lumber through. Or, just big enough for a coyote to trot through when I startled him/her from hiding place behind raised bed, eyeing neighbor's cat meowing from my apple tree. Easy enough to slip back in the house for camera to catch the posing 'possum. Doubt I'll get a photo of a coyote in my garden any time soon, but I see plenty of evidence of their nightly visits.

In early evening, when I am often out in my garden, this is about as "wild" as it gets:

Photo above taken when I shared the last of my navel orange crop for the year, with my rear neighbors. Being a little sister, myself, I really appreciate the triumph of success after saying to myself... you want me to put that whole thing in my little mouth and smile? Are you nuts?

Thank you, neighbors! You are the best sports!

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