Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birds, bugs and other garden visitors...

Add-on to yesterday’s post… Thankfully, my now-extinct lawns were smaller than typical to begin with!

Love all (well, most) of the fauna attracted to my new flora! Trying to convince myself there are no bad bugs, just ones I’d rather see dead than alive, like grasshoppers! They all enrich the soil, right? Don't have any furry, domestic companions of my own, but my neighbor's cat is always hanging out hunting hummingbirds (thankfully, no known successes, yet!), lizards, and grasshoppers. She can have all the g-hoppers she can get her paws on!

As the weather is cooling, I’ll try to get out there with my camera, and see what is lurking about. (Next task – to learn how to post photos directly onto blog.) Meanwhile, here is “Wheels” the great garden hunter!

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